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Everything starts with a passion. Ok maybe not everything. But if you do something just because you have to, it usually ends up being pretty … well … crappy. This blog is something I feel passionate about. And it is not just the blog itself but the main idea surrounding it – food.

My story

I grew up in a family that values good quality and especially home-made food. I used to and loved to help my parents grow our own vegetables and fruits. But what I liked even more was to watch them work miracles in the kitchen. They were creating the most delicious and amazing meals – daily. That was the time when it all started for me.

I have loved food since I was a kid and growing older I tried to pick up some techniques and tricks my parents used while cooking. However, I enjoyed watching them in the kitchen not just because of the cooking itself. It also symbolised a great teamwork, organisation, and time-management. Now when I am older I really admire them for always cooking fresh food from scratch, not just relying on fast-foods or pre-packaged meals that are easy to heat up and so convenient. It is just now when I realise how difficult it can be to nourish a family of five, to always plan ahead, to offer variety to your kids, and to make it taste great at the same time. Even though I love cooking, it is sometimes really tiring to spend hours in the kitchen and I just cook for two!

How it all started?

Picky never used to be a word that described me. I used to eat everything when I was a kid. However, there were several impulses during my childhood that had a huge impact on my food choices later. The first one was when my younger sister was diagnosed with a pancreas disease when she was very young. She felt really sick and nauseous quite often. The medications did not help. So my mum got instructions to cook meals that contain no or very little fat, salt, and sugar. My little sister also had to avoid sweets and all the unhealthy and heavy foods that may cause pain or make her sick. And then there is my older sister – a vegetarian. She stopped eating meat simply because she did not like it anymore. My dad, mum, and myself still ate meat and enjoyed it.

This was a tough situation to tackle as out of five people two had quite a severe limitation in terms of food. At least I thought it was a very restricted diet. So what my mum did as a result? She started to cook two separate mains, soups or even desserts just to satisfy everyone in the house. There always was a regular soup with some oil, butter, milk or cream in it and a special light version of the same soup for our little sister. There was regular meat cooked in oil, a low fat version for my little sister, and an additional vegetarian main. Quite annoying, I know.

Then, something very unexpected happened. My older sister, my mum, and I started to prefer the low fat, healthier version of soups and sometimes mains that were intended for my sick little sister. The reason? It just tasted better. This food was much lighter, but still satisfying and full of flavour. I realised that delicious food does not have to contain a drop of fat or a gram of sugar.

Whole food. Plant-based. Why this kind of eating?

It is not a long time ago when I more noticeably changed my diet and became more conscious of the types of foods I have been eating. I ditched meat as a first step which was more natural and longer process as I simply liked it less and less. Later, after doing some research I decided it would be a great idea to experiment and try to eat in a way that is more natural and healthier for my body as well as the environment. I almost completely stopped eating processed foods, refined sugar, white refined grains and flours, dairy, and eggs. I know, it may sound sudden, crazy and very extreme. However, I naturally and slowly took several small steps to get to this point. I believe that animal products really used to be good for us, in the times of no pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. In the times when people had their own farms or bought meat and dairy from their neighbours, rather than huge international food corporations. I am convinced that processed foods as well as animal products contain too much of bad things and since it disgusts me, I have decided to live without them.

Stay true to yourself

I am not saying this is the best thing to do and everyone should do the same. And I do not want to judge anyone for eating what they please. I just believe that eating more real food, plants and plant-based products that are natural is a way to go for everybody. Not all of us would thrive on a solely plant-based diet, I am aware of that. But eating more vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains, and nuts certainly wouldn’t hurt. Eat food, real food. This idea is what I try to promote with this blog – encouraging everyone to think about what they eat. Get inspired, and be open to try new things. The smallest steps matter the most.

What else changed my point of view?

There are numerous online resources with some really shocking facts about the food industry, health care, animal abuse, environmental problems, and the future of humankind. I will be creating a page listing some of them – websites, documentaries, and blogs that really changed my perspective on our planet, my environment, food choices, and health in general.

I truly hope you all enjoy going through my posts and would also love to hear from you! So feel free to e-mail me, comment on my posts or get in touch on Instagram or Facebook.