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Cacao granola

The easiest breakfast ever – have this ready in your cupboard and do not worry about what to eat in those busy mornings. This particular recipe is not too sweet, so if you like your granola to be very sweet, just add more dates, honey, maple or date syrup. I prefer to dehydrate, even though it takes much longer. But the only thing you need to do is to keep an eye on it and ventilate the oven every hour or so. However, this would also work using high temperature – the whole process would be much quicker, but also less nutritious.

Dry ingredients:

  • 150 g rolled oats
  • 100 g mixed nuts
  • 50 g puffed quinoa
  • 50 g sunflower seeds
  • 50 g pumpkin seeds
  • 50 g poppy seeds
  • 50 g cacao nibs
  • 30 g chia seeds
  • 15 g linseed
  • 10 g hemp seeds
  • 3 tbsp cacao powder

Wet ingredients:

  • 100 g date syrup (or honey/maple syrup)
  • 100 ml water
  • 80 g medjool dates
  • 3 tbsp honey (or any other liquid sweetener)
  1. Process dates, water, honey, and date syrup in a food processor until blended together.
  2. In a big bowl, first mix all the dry ingredients and then add the blended mixture. Mix well – it should be crumbly, not too wet but little sticky.
  3. Spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and put in the oven or dehydrator. I use my oven at the lowest temperature 50 °C.
  4. When using dehydrator, just follow the instructions and dehydrate at least 6 hours, until crispy. When using oven, dehydrate 6-7 hours at 50 °C and make sure you open the oven every now and then to ventilate and cool down a bit. Also, it helps to stir the mixture every hour or so.


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