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Coconut millet porridge

Long time no see. I know. It’s been a while since the last post and quite some time I’ve been creative in the kitchen. I have a couple of new ideas in mind so let’s see how it goes in the upcoming weeks ­čÖé

Have you ever tried using millet in your meals? It used to be something I avoided in the past for no real reason. Once I tried it, I fell in love and since then I have been adding it to soups, used it in porridge, or cooked as a side.

This coconut millet porridge is a┬ánice breakfast or dessert idea. What I really like about it is that you can make it in the evening and have it ready for the next morning. It┬áis very filling and delicious both hot and cold. I paired┬áthis one with simple mango and chia ‘jam’. Just┬ácombine mango and a little lemon juice and blend in a food processor. Then add chia seeds and let sit for a couple of minutes so that they expand. Yum!


(makes 1 breakfast bowl or 2 smaller desserts)

  • 50 g millet grain (not flakes)
  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • optional: a little honey/maple syrup/dates/fruit to sweeten
  1. It is a good idea to drain millet with boiling water first. I found this shortens the cooking time which is always a plus.
  2. After draining, I place millet together with coconut milk in a smaller pan and bring to boil. Let simmer (stirring now and then) until all the liquid is absorbed and you have a nice creamy porridge.
  3. Add a sweetener of your choice, if using. I sometimes also mix in some frozen berries while the porridge is still hot.
  4. Serve with fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, seeds, etc. It is delicious both hot and cold.

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