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Easy overnight porridge

Well, this porridge is a really simple recipe, yet, and maybe because of its simplicity, one of my favourites. As you may know, rolled oats, when soaked at a room temperature for a couple of hours, are a great thing for your digestion. The trick is that they are easier to process by your body and also more nutritious as the body can absorb more of the beneficial nutrients.

The very basic principle for this healthy breakfast is to combine rolled oats and just enough water to cover them, maybe a bit more. The aim is to create a porridge-like consistency, not to end up with a soup. The quantity of water differs as you have different kinds of rolled oats, some of them can soak more water, other not so much. So it is important to try it with less water first, as I said, just enough to create porridge. If your porridge is too thick in the morning, just add little water and mix well. The best thing about this basic recipe is that you can play with it and create infinite number of different breakfasts or snacks – using cacao and hazelnuts, cinnamon¬†and fresh fruit, or vanilla and chocolate if you like. You can be creative and combine anything you fancy ūüėČ

The porridge I make is just rolled oats, water, and raisins. I use raisins because I find that they make the porridge sweeter and there is no need to add any other sweetener in the morning. So, to sum it up, I have a list of principles that are great to follow if you want to create your own amazing porridge.


  • in the evening, mix one cup of rolled oats with just enough water to create a porridge-like consistency (ratio 100 g of rolled oats with cca 150 ml water works for me)
  • (optional) add a handful of raisins or other dried fruit and mix well (when added in the evening, it makes the porridge sweeter)
  • cover with a foil or a small plate and let sit at a room temperature for at least 6-8 hours
  • in the morning, add anything you like – sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, date syrup, sugar, etc; fresh fruit; cacao, cinnamon or other spices, vanilla, coconut; nuts like almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, etc; buckwheat, cacao nibs, seeds, cacao¬†granola, beetroot granola¬†or anything else you fancy
  • enjoy your breakfast!

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