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Green ricotta dip using mortar & pestle

Inspired by the Naked Chef, I tried to create my own version of dip using only raw green vegetables and ricotta cheese. My new M&P was delivered just a couple of days ago! So you can imagine I try to come up with new ways to enjoy it and eventually enable it to settle in our kitchen.

You can basically use anything in this recipe. The best idea is to use things that are crunchy when raw. I used what I had in my fridge – asparagus, snow peas, celery, and chives. I also added a clove of garlic, sea salt, pepper, fresh lemon juice, and a little bit of olive oil. Just put all the ingredients except for the wet ones (lemon juice, olive oil, and ricotta) in the mortar & pestle. Process everything into a rough paste so that all the flavours come up and mix together. Then add all the wet ingredients as well as ricotta in the end.

Green Dip


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