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New camera + my first photos!

Finally! The moment I was really looking forward to!

Until now, I took all of my recipe pictures with my phone. It was easy, convenient, and the cheapest option I had. However, as you may know, the smartphone camera does not offer many functions. Plus, the quality of the pictures is changeable and greatly depends on the weather and light. I know, all cameras need a good light source but you are much more flexible with a proper camera than with a smartphone.

After a couple of months blogging and struggling to take pictures I would be happy with, I longed for a new camera more and more. There were no great prospects for forthcoming autumn and winter either as the days were going to be shorter and darker. So I felt that something needs to happen in order to happily continue with the blogging and photographing. And, my amazing fiancé sorted this out just a couple of days ago. I got a new Canon camera – my first ever DSLR! I was SO happy that I could not sleep a night before I was about to play with my new toy…ehmm sorry… work instrument!

So hopefully there will be much much better pictures on the blog in the future, once I learn how to use the camera and all of its functions. Not as easy as it seems to be :). I am sharing some of the photos I took so far. Nothing special, but I will do my best to improve and produce really beautiful food pictures. And even better recipes!

Hope you like the photos! Please, let me know what you think. Also, if you know about some useful resources for food photography, feel free to share them :).

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