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Sourdough chia pancakes

Best pancakes ever! These sourdough chia pancakes make the most delicious breakfast and you do not even need to add sugar when using fruit, marmalade or chocolate as a topping. The batter contains a half of mashed banana that creates natural mild sweetness. If you want the pancakes to be sweeter, add a little coconut sugar.

I top them with banana slices, melted chocolate, cacao nibs, buckwheat groats, and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Cacao nibs and buckwheat groats add amazing crunchiness and a lot of goodness, banana slices make the whole thing sweeter, and a good quality melted chocolate completes everything to create an absolute indulgence that brightens up your morning in a second.

I always take out my sourdough starter from the fridge and feed it a night before I want to use it. Then, the next morning, make the batter, and set aside for about 30-60 minutes (keep at a room temperature). You will see little bubbles forming on the surface of the batter.


(for 2 people, makes 8 pancakes)

  • 100 g wholegrain flour
  • 60 g sourdough starter
  • 150 g ideally spring water
  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 20 g rolled oats
  • 20 g chia seeds
  • fresh fruit, chocolate, cacao nibs, buckwheat groats, more chia seeds for topping
  1. Whisk everything together, cover with foil and set aside for about 30-60 minutes. Keep at room temperature.
  2. Cook the pancakes, turning halfway through.
  3. Serve warm with fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, chocolate or anything else you like.

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